Extra PCBs & polycarbonate half-plates for sale on Tuesday, March 5 @ 6pm EST

We've been saying for a while that extra PCBs and polycarbonate half-plates would be available for the No. 1/60 & No. 1/65, but we wanted to wait until after the remaining kits were sold. Unfortunately, cerakoting those kits has taken longer than we wanted, so we're going to go ahead and sell the remaining PCBs and plates earlier than planned. Extra PCBs & polycarbonate half-plates will be for sale on Tuesday, March 5 at 6pm EST on our site. We have very limited quantity available, but more PCBs will be for sale later in the year. 60% WT60-A PCBs -...

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No. 1/60 & 1/65 extras & No. 2 release estimate

This message has been a while coming — I’m sorry for the delay. We had overwhelming support and interest during our January release and we’re so glad to see that folks are happy with the kits they’ve received. If anyone has any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out!We wanted to share some information on some extra No. 1/60 and No. 1/65 keyboards as well as what’s coming after that. We’ll have a limited number of Cerakoted No. 1/60 and No. 1/65 keyboards available in (hopefully) a couple of weeksWe ordered twenty No. 1/60 and twenty No. 1/65 keyboards...

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